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Some articles on agent-based simulation

Just to update on some of the work I've been doing, here and here are links to a couple articles I've read about agent-based simulation that I did not find worthy of individual write-ups as they are not particularly useful to our project. The first article, by Robert Axelrod, presents a walk-through for those who plan to begin an agent-based simulation project, but does not really advance any new ideas for us. The article I've linked to is part of a larger publication of Axelrod's, called "The Complexity of Cooperation: Agent-Based Models of Competition and Collaboration." The second article is entitled "Agent-Based Computational Economies. It is more or less a recitation of ideas put forth by Leigh Tesfatsion; as such, I do not think it is a necessary read in light of our intensive exploration of Tesfatsion's work.