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Years under the bridge... we're on Drupal 7.1! :-)

It has been a long time coming but we have taken the plunge and updated the Local Food Economy Game website to Drupal 7.1. The security aspect of moving from 5.x to the latest was a prime factor. This project originally started in the Drupal 4.7 era! We transitioned to the 5.x platform during the project's active time. I did a 6.x migration that languished at the sandbox/development stage while other things took priority. Then I resurfaced this project to address the security aspect as well as scratch the itch to begin exploring the 7.x platform. All went remarkable smoothly and the 'toe in the water' of version 7 is most welcome.

We don't have current big plans to reinvigorate this project. However, we have been chipping away at the Big Ideas reflected here, both in terms of local food systems as well as in terms of the latest buzzword of 'gamification'.

More to come in terms of tying the bit together.