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Appendix - UML Resources

In the event that UML (the Unified Modeling Language) is new to you, here is a list of on-line information resources that will help you with your JIT-JE (Just-In-Time, Just-Enough) learning:

  • Introduction to OMG UML - The official home of UML
  • UML basics: The class diagram - An excellent article that will be especially helpful in understanding the Logical View of our Metamodel.
  • Enterprise Architect - This is the UML Design Tool and UML CASE tool Sohodojo uses for software development. There are other tools available, including free Open Source offerings, bur EA is our favorite. If you want some hands-on experience as you explore UML, you can download a free 30-day trial of Enterprise Architect. Academic discounts are also available.

The UML Use Case model is particularly useful for analysis and system envisioning. It is also one of the least complex models in the UML. Here are a couple good articles to learn about use case modeling:

  • Putting use cases to work - This is an excellent overview, especially as it shows how the typically textual use case relates to UML Class, Sequence, and Activity diagrams. Don't be overwhelmed by the apparent complexity of multiple interrelated models. The point to take here is that something as elementary as a textual use case can be an invaluable source of information for building these other models as the system design evolves.
  • The OO design process: Use cases applied, Part 2 - This article is a useful supplement to the one above. Diagrammatically, this shows how 'swimlane' workflow (flow of events) diagrams can be used to visualize the use case Flow of Events (workflow or scenario) textual description.
  • Applying Use Cases: A Practical Guide (Chap. 7) - Here's a 49-page PDF-format document with lots of useful information about developing use cases. (Book info)