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When I met with Professor Andelson last week, I mentioned to him our plan to make a "Sim-esque" simulation, and he lent me his copy of SimFarm. I've been playing around with it and it's pretty neat. It's not a whole lot like what I've envisioned our game to be, but it's probably closer than SimCity or other such games. In this game, you are given an empty plot of land to begin with. It's your job to buy whatever seeds/equipment/chemicals, etc. you want and try to make a productive farm. You can choose the type of farm that you have, as well as the what markets you sell your crops in. You also have to watch out for droughts, changing markets, and other occurrences.

It can be played without the CD, by the way, so if you're interested in checking it out, we can put it on your computer when I next go to Fairfield.



We are great fans of all the Sim stuff and have been Sim City players since the first version hit the market.

You are correct, Sim Farm (as you might expect, we already own it) is fun, but it's not really what the Local Economy Food Game will be.

We've long been advocates of the power of learning through simulation. Back in the days when Sim City came out as a "game" it was not lost on those professors teaching City Planning that their students could learn a lot, make lots of mistakes, try different strategies -- all without having the future of a real city hang on their decisions.

In the early '90s I was shown early versions of the simulation training materials that Anderson Consulting was developing for use with junior new hires. It was how they provided provisional hires with enough of the "Anderson Consulting Way" to allow them to show their ability to function as an Anderson Consultant.

By the end of several scenarios through their training simulation and the live presentations they had to make regarding the simulation they just completed, the company could determine the potential success of a provisional candidate to function in their system. It was impressive.

Although we will be using simulation technology in the local food economy game.... it will not be "game" in the same sense of the word as what an individual plays in playing Sim Farm. Your assessment is right on.

I've found this download site for old SimFarm for Windows game:SimFarm for Windows download