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Agent-based Computational Economics and Programming

After thoroughly examining Leigh Tesfatsion's website on Agent-Based Computational Economics, it is clear that there is a multitude of options for agent-based simulation platforms providedthe designer knows a programming language. As I do not have this knowledge (outside of a basic knowledge of the Scheme language), it seems that one of our obstacles is to find a platform for which little or no programming knowledge is necessary. At this point, it seems that PlatBox is our only option in that category, unless, of course, I were to spend time learning enough of a programming language to design a simulated world on one of the many platforms listed in Tesfatsion's website.


In any collaborative project (which is of course a system itself), there are various roles that individuals fill. In this project Jim fills the deeply technical roles, so we do not expect you would need to learn how to program in order to be involved in modeling the system. Jim is an expert in executable business modeling and we will depend heavily on his expertise when we get to developing the simulation.

This means we need not limit our project to using technical platforms that require little programming in order to model the system. It is good to know the range of modeling platforms available and your spending time investigating this has been time well spent.

You and I and other collaborators we engage in this project will fill different roles - there are more than enough to be filled.

Your job this summer is to understand as much as possible about this project, research and investigate the areas we need researched and investigated.... and learn as much as possible about modeling the local food economies of Grinnell and Fairfield.